Saturday, 10 December 2011


Hey people,

I thought i had posted this but turns out i didn't so i'm posting it now 

I have recently come back in reality after being away for practically a month i know i spoke to you guys not to long ago defiently not a month ago but still.

Being back in reality made me realise how much i miss school. Yes i said it i missed school a teenager who misses school, because i'm lazying around doing nothing and wanting to find a way to fill my time, i mean 3 months off in theory is great but when it comes to it actually happen you have people sitting around thinking 'Im so bored' then texting anyone to meet up. I've been filling my time volunteering for the last month and with holiday's which takes up alot of days. I got so bored one day that i worked out how many days over the last few months i've had nothing to do on. It turns out it was only 23 days i've had nothing to do, out of the 68 i've had so far. I know what your thinking im complaining which i am but still. But i really am missing school. I know im going to have everyone make fun of me but i really don't care.

Anyway the title says scotland because i was gonna tell you about my time up in scotland. My boyfriends family were really nice and very happy people i loved his family they were amazing and i loved it up their in scotland no offence to any english people but i can total see why the scottish make fun of the english.

Unfortantly i was kind of a downer the whole trip maybe not the whole trip but alot of it, i really regret it now because i made some stupid accusations then i realise how much it upset him i promised i'd change then a couple of days later i recieve some bad news my grandma had passed away, which put me down quite a bit i tried to be happy for My boyfriend. because i have been quite a downer recently and i have no idea why and always seems to come on a bad day on a day where he's upset.

So now im trying to become better for him, because he freaked a little because he thought 'this is what its going to be like if we ever eventually live togeher' I mean you know like a moment everyone has where people i relationships usually think 'oh no i cant stay in this i dont want to' even if its not really what they think and i dont blame him i had that moment a few months back and im hoping he comes out with the same conculsion i did which was 'i don't care i want to spend my life with him if he'll have me'.

But there was alot of positive parts of the trip including meeting his family (Yes, that was a happy part) they treated me like their own daughter and they even said they approved of me, obviously not to me but to my boyfriend. And also i'm a freak and i like camping and we went camping we were over taken by migies but it was still a pretty awesome trip.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hey again,

Had alot going on recently, been to spain was ill the whole time so not really that interesting to talk about but it was quite warm, well it is spain after all. And in a couple of days im going up to scotland big difference in temperture, but im going up to scotland to meet my boyfriends parents, im insanely nervous.

Before my holiday i was randomly meeting people and we got up to all sorts of random stuff heres some links to the videos

Yeh i don't have much to do during study leave.

I also made new friends over study leave these people are awesome, i met these people when i was meeting up with a friend of mine after returning CDs. And two more i met on the boat to spain one was an Australian guy he had an awesome accsent , he also made me want to live in australia so i've decided if my boyfriend agrees im going to live in Australia after i've finished school and university. The other guy notice i get along better with guys i have no idea why, they just tend to be easier to get along with, anyway this other guy had lived in spain for 4 years but moved back to England where he originally lived for college, he was a funny guy he should totally be a comdian seriously.

And now ive been sitting her for over 2 hours uploading pictures why is facebook so slow!?

I await my results on the 25th of August, its getting closer which is good because i really want to know what i got, probably not gonna be as good as i hope but never mind.

Ive also really got into the new show on E4 'Sirens' Its just so funny. But what makes it randomer is that i actually want to be a paramedic which are the main characters on it, weirdly it doesn't put me off it just entertains me to no end. You know what else im addicted to? Im addicted to the 'Skullduggery pleasent' series by Derek landy im surprised actually that i haven't started reading the 3rd book ' The faceless ones' im gonna have to now, they really are just that good once i've read all 5 book i'll do a review as one of my posts, just so you don't have to listen to whats going on in my life because im sure i keep boring you.

I also probably soon have to be in a long distance relationship, which i don't think will be good but i guess i'll have to deal with it, you see i reacon that my boyfriend will go up to scotland for his A levels so his mum can marry her Fiance because just that selfless and will also mean it will be cheaper for university for him. But thats life, i really dont want that to happen. Sorry i'll be quiet now about this anyway.

Thats all i can think to say at the moment, thanks for continuing to follow and read my blogs your awesome.

cookiemonster :p

Sunday, 29 May 2011

What ive done recently

Hey guys

I know its been ages since i posted last but with all my exams an days out ive had no time to myself, but i thought since im doing nothing for about 3 months because im on study leave it start blogging again, some weeks it will end up being everyday because i reallyt have no life :p lol.

So on study leave besides studying for my maths tests i have a lot to do, for example
A level equiptment which roughly translates to new school equiptment for next year my A levels, Read two books, sort out my room, go to spain, go to scotland to meet the boyfriends dad (The last two not so bad) , Two Duke of Edinburgh walks, Silver skills, service and sports so i can pass my Duke of Edinburgh silver, Decide which sixth form im going to next year, Get my results From GCSEs. And im sure i've got loads more to do but hey i have 3 months

Enough complaining now from me. Its my birthday tomorrow and we are going flamingo land with the family already celebrated my birthd with my friends last weekend we went to the fake fest that was good day i owe my friends loads of money though heres some pictures from the fake fest

Yeh that was an awesome day the cover bands were the four fighters (covers of the foo fighters, they were awesome), Oasish (Cover of oasis, didnt hear them were in macdonalds) and Blondied (Cover of blondie was terrible) eventhough there was only one good cover band it turned out to be a good day, we also did this video with this new company 'Discohedz'

So yeah that was the video it was insanely fun that day well worth the money if theirs a fake fest near you , you should totally go they are real fun.

Also for my birthday im getting 24 CDs yes im a music freak, i would bet you all i've heard of almost every band or singer ever im like a walking encyclopedia of bands.

After last weekend i had school but yesterday we had a year 11 prom which if your american would be about sophmore prom in high school but yeh i have some pictures of that too i'll just put them on.

So Yeah that was just a few of the pictures from prom. It wasnt what i expected but it was pretty fun Everyone looked great even the guy in the kilt.

So yeah that is just a few things i did recentloy dont wanna talk about exams that would be depressing. But yeah thats it all sort of summed up i will talk more on my next one because this was a post to show i hadnt forgot about you guys and to show you guys some pictures