Saturday, 10 December 2011


Hey people,

I thought i had posted this but turns out i didn't so i'm posting it now 

I have recently come back in reality after being away for practically a month i know i spoke to you guys not to long ago defiently not a month ago but still.

Being back in reality made me realise how much i miss school. Yes i said it i missed school a teenager who misses school, because i'm lazying around doing nothing and wanting to find a way to fill my time, i mean 3 months off in theory is great but when it comes to it actually happen you have people sitting around thinking 'Im so bored' then texting anyone to meet up. I've been filling my time volunteering for the last month and with holiday's which takes up alot of days. I got so bored one day that i worked out how many days over the last few months i've had nothing to do on. It turns out it was only 23 days i've had nothing to do, out of the 68 i've had so far. I know what your thinking im complaining which i am but still. But i really am missing school. I know im going to have everyone make fun of me but i really don't care.

Anyway the title says scotland because i was gonna tell you about my time up in scotland. My boyfriends family were really nice and very happy people i loved his family they were amazing and i loved it up their in scotland no offence to any english people but i can total see why the scottish make fun of the english.

Unfortantly i was kind of a downer the whole trip maybe not the whole trip but alot of it, i really regret it now because i made some stupid accusations then i realise how much it upset him i promised i'd change then a couple of days later i recieve some bad news my grandma had passed away, which put me down quite a bit i tried to be happy for My boyfriend. because i have been quite a downer recently and i have no idea why and always seems to come on a bad day on a day where he's upset.

So now im trying to become better for him, because he freaked a little because he thought 'this is what its going to be like if we ever eventually live togeher' I mean you know like a moment everyone has where people i relationships usually think 'oh no i cant stay in this i dont want to' even if its not really what they think and i dont blame him i had that moment a few months back and im hoping he comes out with the same conculsion i did which was 'i don't care i want to spend my life with him if he'll have me'.

But there was alot of positive parts of the trip including meeting his family (Yes, that was a happy part) they treated me like their own daughter and they even said they approved of me, obviously not to me but to my boyfriend. And also i'm a freak and i like camping and we went camping we were over taken by migies but it was still a pretty awesome trip.

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